“Our mission is to accompany families in the process of growth and development of their children. To provide through our service, those activities or help that each family needs to live in harmony”


Our nannies are woman with vocation and child care experience.

All of them are carefully selected, evaluated and trained by Sonen and Red Cross ( pediatric first aid).

Each selection is focused on families needs in order to achieve the expectation successfully.

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They are dynamic and active nannies, with didactic resources and pedagogical concepts to accompany your children in their growth process. All of them are qualified (kindergarten and early education teachers) and trained to care for one or more children and provide stimulation.

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They are women with child care experience, moreover they carry out domestic tasks (cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc), without forgetting that their main function is the care of children.

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Aimed at families who chose the Montessori or Waldorf method for the education of their sons and daughters. We accompany them in the continuity of this pedagogical line from home.
They are babysitters who are trained and have experience in Montessori or Waldorf educational methods.

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Dedicated to those families who want to improve a second language from home, foreign families who are traveling or living in Argentina. All of them have the requirements and qualities as well as the rest of our nannies.

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